Island Amrum:
Mein Inselhotel

Discover the Island of Freedom!

Since April 2010, receives "Mein Inselhotel" in Norddorf, the oldest village on the North Sea island of Amrum, its guests. The modern yet natural furnished small realm with its 15 lovingly furnished rooms, sets new accents on Amrum. We are pleased that we will see so many lovely guests again this year and are equally excited about every "Amrum-curious" to bring him fondly near our unique island! ", the hosts look forward.

Mein Inselhotel

Madelwai 4, 25946 Norddorf
Telefon +49(0)4682/94500
Fax +49(0)4682/945037
info [at]

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Island Amrum: Mein Inselhotel

Since April 2010, receives "MEIN INSELHOTEL" in Norddorf, the oldest village on the North Sea island of Amrum, guests… more

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Island Amrum: Mein Inselhotel – Island of Freedom!
Hallig Langeneß: Anker’s Hörn – Unique * Indescribable * Tangible
Mainland: Paulsen’s – Your home between the seas.

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